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Some people have lofty visions about how government spending can help.
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A Cato Institute Guide

The infamous earmarks would also fall into this category as they are the ultimate example of federal spending designed to benefit only a targeted beneficiary. Green energy loans and subsidies would be prime examples of programs trying to pick winners that should be eliminated. The more such special interest programs are cut, the more we could save. Given that the federal government is still running an historically high budget deficit it only looks good because it was so bad a few years ago , a good next step would be to stop overpaying for services.

Two examples here would be the Davis-Bacon Act and the doc fix. The Davis-Bacon Act forces the government to pay union-scale wages on all the projects it funds like interstate highway construction. This is a law designed to make unionized employers more competitive on price and should be repealed.

If companies want to give the federal government and its taxpayers a better price, we should be willing to take it. Doc fix is the shorthand for paying doctors more than we should. Under a law designed to keep Medicare financially stable, payments to doctors are supposed to be cut if Medicare spending is rising too fast. Instead, over the 17 years since the Balanced Budget Act of established the payment formulas Congress has repeatedly passed laws suspending the pay cuts that they put into law these suspensions are called the doc fix.

These actions mean doctors get paid more and taxpayers get a bigger bill to keep Medicare going.

Downsizing the Federal Government

Obviously, nobody likes getting a pay cut, but why should average workers pay higher taxes so that doctors can make more money? Remember Medicare is funded by a payroll tax so all workers are paying for this, not just rich ones.

Finally, Congress should cut military spending. This can be done without hurting military readiness if Congress simply cancels all the spending on weapon systems that the military never wanted. If the military gets to pick the cuts, I am confident we can save that much with no loss in military effectiveness.

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After all, spending in real dollars would still be almost 40 percent above the level. The spending cuts outlined above would not be enough to balance the budget immediately, but at least they would save some money and create momentum in the right direction.

If Republicans want to convince voters that they actually do believe in fiscal responsibility and smaller government, they should act like it right from the start on this Congress. Legislation to improve the jobs climate is important, and there are actions they can take that will help.

Layoffs in the public sector have these very different consequences

However, Congress and the President only impact employment and most other macro policy variables indirectly. Government spending is the one thing they have complete control over, and cutting spending is good for all the rest: it will lead to more jobs and faster economic growth. The number of contract workers employed by the U. Trump lists cutting the number of federal workers as his No.

MPs’ Views on Proposed Downsizing the Government

Related: There are now 3. It is far greater than the 2. Much of the increase came from the ramp up for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and increased security efforts at home. Chris Edwards, the director of tax policy studies at Cato Institute and editor of www. Edwards says no one talks about the "beltway bandits" because there's no official government tally of how many contract workers there are.

Professor Light is one of the few tracking it. His estimates are based on calculation of payments made to government contractors which is publicly reported and then making a calculation of what the headcount is.

Trump's big challenge: Cutting federal workers

Trump's plan calls for "a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce the federal workforce through attrition exempting military, public safety, and public health. Related: Trump doubles down on Mexico 'border tax' threat. Historically, any time there's a freeze on workers or pay, the U. Trump is already saying he would exempt military and public safety from his hiring freeze. The Department of Defense, Homeland Security and the Veterans Administration make up over half of the civilian federal workforce.

The expectation on Wall Street is that defense contractors will swell under Trump.

Since the election, the president-elect has criticized Boeing BA and Lockheed for charging the government too much for airplanes. But it's unclear how much more pressure his team will put on curbing defense costs.